OCT Visionland water park

Floor area:99900㎡ ,opening time: July 2021. Maximum capacity: 12000 people.

HUANGSHI OCT Visionland cultural tourism project as the “Visionland” brand product of OCT group, the project is located by Daye lake, HUANGSHI city, according to the national 5A level scenic spot standard construction. The overs all planning area of the project is 1800 RMB, with a total investment of 3billion RMB. With “culture + tourism + science and technology + research + ecology” as the basic element, it is a cultural theme tourist holiday destination modeled on the world of Dinosaurs. Integrating dinosaur town, dinosaur fantasy world and dinosaur water park, it is full of mystery and cool sense of science and technology, and will become a holy land for family exploration and leisure vacation. The first phase of the construction of Visionland. Dinosaur water world”, the sound and optical technology, film and television effects and multimedia network perfect combination of display, science, entertainment and participatory performance in one of the water theme park.